Who We Are

HigherGrad, Inc. offers individuals seeking to go to graduate school a simple platform to search for funding opportunities through assistantships, fellowships and other research based sources. With student loan debt rising every year and approaching nearly 1 trillion dollars, HigherGrad provides a means for individuals to receive the education and training necessary to fill the needs of the competitive job market.

Higher education has become almost a necessity in today’s society. We are excited to introduce our team whose goal is to help individuals make smarter decisions about obtaining the essential education needed to compete for better jobs.

Nathan Horick - Co-founder and CEO

Every company needs a leader who excels at sales and marketing. Nate’s background in the sales industry and his education in journalism enables him to bring the best graduate opportunities across universities to HigherGrad.

Phillip Manning - Co-founder and CFO/COO

Phil has been there before. He was one of those newly minted graduates that knew they had to go to grad school to increase their marketability in the job market but didn’t know how to pay for it. Luckily he was offered an assistantship, which covered the cost of tuition and also paid him to go to school. Who knew? Not many undergraduates do and he strives to provide that same opportunity to all looking to further their education.